Dr Kyriaki Hadjiafxendi

Dr Kyriaki Hadjiafxendi

Dr Kyriaki Hadjiafxendi

Senior Lecturer in English Literature at Bath Spa University.

Kyriaki is the programme leader for the MA Literature, Landscape and Environment at Bath Spa Univeristy. Her research focuses on Victorian women, in particular their relationship to work and art, and the relationship between literature and place. Her

Her publications include Authorship in Context: From the Theoretical to the Material (Palgrave, 2007), What is a Woman to Do? A Reader on Women, Work and Art, c. 1830-1890 (Peter Lang, 2011), and Crafting the Woman Professional in the Long Nineteenth Century: Artistry and Industry in Britain (Ashgate, 2013). She is currently working on a forthcoming monograph on George Elliot.

Kyriaki is the primary investigator on the Science at the Seaside project. She curated the Science at the Seaside exhibition at Ilfracombe Museum, and organised and ran the related events programme, with Sara and John. In collaboration with Dr Patricia Zakreski she delivered a talk on the history of Victorian women’s handicrafts as part of the museum’s events programme. She also organised and designed a workshop to be delivered in local schools.

Professor John Plunkett

Associate Professor at the University of Exeter.

Professor John Plunkett

Professor John Plunkett

John is the Director of the Centre for Victorian Studies at Exeter. His primary research interest is the history of popular visual shows and media in the 19th century, and much of his work draws on the rich resources of the Bill Douglas Cinema Museum. He is dedicated to encouraging Public Engagement and in 2013 was one of four Public Engagement Champions within the University.

His publications include Queen Victoria – First Media Monarch (OUP, 2003), the co-edited, with Andrew King, Victorian Print Media: A Reader (OUP, 2005) and Popular Exhibitions, Science and Showmanship 1820-1910 (Pickering and Chatto, 2012), co-edited with Joe Kember and Jill Sullivan. He is currently working on a book of nineteenth-century visual entertainments covering the panorama, diorama, peepshow and magic lantern.

John is co-investigator on the project team. With Kyriaki and Sara, he curated the Science at the Seaside exhibition and was involved in the planning and delivery of the Science at the Seaside Events and Activities. As part of the programe he delivered a talk on Microscopes, Magic Lanterns and Victorian 3D.

Dr Sue Edney

Lecturer in English Literature at Bath Spa University

Sue has been a print-maker, therapist and an academic. Her research interests focus on the relationship between literature and landscape, especially poetic languages that encourage or restrict human interaction with place. In the last two years she has been researching the 19th century scientific enthusiasm for natural culture. She is at present completing a monograph on William Barnes and his ‘place’, and is commencing editing a collection of essays on the representation and significance of gardens in nineteenth-century Gothic writing.

Sue is an expert on Philip Gosse and will be joining the project in autumn 2015 to develop the project’s learning activities.

Joanne Ella Parsons

Joanne is currently finishing her PhD thesis, ‘Men and Food in the Victorian Novel’, which explores the relationship between the two and how these themes interact with the rigid construction of masculinity in the Victorian period. She is a lecturer at Bath University, co-convener of the Damaging the Body series of lectures and events, organiser for Victorian Popular Fiction Association’s research seminar series and media officer for the Journal of Victorian Culture. Her research interests include sensation fiction and realist fiction in the Victorian period, the representation of food in literature and food history, gender and sexuality, and the use of web technologies as a teaching tool in higher education.

Joanne will be joining the team from autumn 2015 to develop the project’s learning activities.

Sara Hodson

Ilfracombe Museum Manager

Sara has a degree in archaeology and has run Ilfracombe Museum since 2011. She acts as chief liason between the museum and John and Kyriaki, and curated the Science at the Seaside exhibition together with them in 2014, as well as helping to plan and run the Science at the Seaside Events programme at Ilfracombe.

Workshop Leaders

Sophia David, Anna-Marie Linnell, Georgina Hunter and Tamara Sharp are English PhD students who were Workshop Leaders in the Schools Outreach Programme.