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University of Exeter English Department

Bath Spa University School of Humanities and Cultural Studies

University of Exeter’s Centre for Victorian Studies

Bath Spa University MA Programme in Literature, Landscape and Environment

Ilfracombe Museum

Ilfracombe Museum Collection on eHive

Barnstaple Museum of North Devon

North Devon AONB

Hydrocitizenship Project 

Philip Henry Gosse at the RAMM

Gosse’s book Omphalos on the Internet Archive

Gosse’s book A Naturalist’s Rambles on the Devonshire Coast on the Internet Archive

Gosse’s book Evenings at the Microscope on the Internet Archive


Charles Kingsley

Charles Kingsley on VictorianWeb

Clovelly Kingsley Museum

Encyclopedia Britannica entry for Charles Kingsley

Charles Kingsely on PoemHunter

St Mary’s Church, Eversley

Kingsley’s book Glaucus on the Internet Archive

The Darwin Correspondence Project: Letters from Charles Kingsley


George Henry Lewes

Encyclopedia Britannica entry for George Henry Lewes

Lewes’ book Seaside Studies on the Internet Archive


George Eliot

Encyclopedia Britannica entry for George Eliot

The George Eliot Fellowship

George Eliot on VictorianWeb

George Eliot and the Influence of Science on WritersInspire

George Eliot on Project Gutenberg

Warwickshire County Council Resources on George Eliot


Reverend George Tugwell

Tugwell’s book A Manual of Sea Anemones on the Internet Archive

Tugwell’s book On the Mountain: the Welsh experiences of Abraham Black and Jonas White on the Internet Archive


Victorian Leisure and Tourism

BBC History on Victorians and the Seaside

Ilfracombe’s Victorian Celebration


Natural History in the Victorian Era

VictorianWeb: Science

VictorianWeb: Collecting

Devon Life Article on Fern Fever

A Brief History on Victorian Microscope Slides



About Hermit Crabs


KS1 Learning Pack on Beside the Seaside